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Hazel-Ann McLean’s pioneering and monumental experience started on her very first day at Queen’s Royal College, when she learned that one of the most senior teachers at the school had challenged her enrollment and insisted that QRC was only for boys. A short trip to the Ministry of Education confirmed that the school’s charter didn’t mention “boys,” only “students.” She was escorted back to class by the dean of the school, having overcome her first of many challenges attending QRC. Her first step opened the door for dozens more girls to attend QRC and other all-male colleges in Trinidad.


As her schooling continues, Hazel-Ann is initially amazed at the camaraderie and mutual expectations of respect that both the students and teachers share. Her scholastic/holistic education at St. Francois Girls’ College, her all-female high school, along with her home life shaped her ability to navigate the rich history, culture, and legacy of QRC.


She walks readers through a series of whimsical experiences that offer both obstacles and triumphs to this teenage girl faced with functioning on her own in a school of 600-plus boys. Ultimately, her book documents the lessons she learned at QRC that have carried her through her own professional and personal life.